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+5 Donald Trump · March 24, 2015
It would be really cool if we could favorite a specific thread. For example, there's a star icon on each thread. Obviously, if it's greyed out, it isn't favorited, if it's golden, it's favorited.

Also, add a new item to the menu tab called something like "Favorites". When you click on it, it should list all the favorited threads/topics the user has favorited.

Why is this useful? Well, if someone really likes a specific thread that is really helpful, and after few weeks or months, when the user wants to find that thread, it is lost in the massive amount of submitted topics.

For bonus points, maybe you could add, below each star, the amount of people that have favorited that thread.

Here's an image example of how it would look like:


Tell me what you guys think about this :)

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0 Nikola Milic · March 24, 2015
This is cool and useful:). I like it !
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