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0 Kostya Dvin · March 24, 2015
Bucky thanks for your tutorials. They are very funny)

What button should I press in order to have straight line with lasso tool. For me it seems to be "O" but it's not.

Are there going to be new tutorials for Photoshop?

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0 michael walker · April 8, 2015
for me it was shift key so give it a go hope it helps :D
also can try alt for fun i guess :|
0 Kostya Dvin · April 16, 2015
Thanks, I've already figured that out in Buddy's tutorial.
Not native speaker:)
0 Patrica Gonzalez · June 3, 2016
I think you can refer to Adobe official site, there is a section support and tutorials. "Dummy" series books are also referable.
0 Denn Rey Collamat · April 23, 2017
Shift key
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