I need some help. Please.

0 Raghu Ram · March 23, 2015
I started learning C++ 9 months ago. Though I am preparing for being a doctor, I like computer science and I started learning C++. But to be honest, I only read the programs but  I dont understand what I am reading. But when a completed program  is given to me I can explain that given program  to myself but I when a question is given and I am asked to write a program according to that question, I am unable to write but when it s completed I can explain it. So can anyone tell me what exactly is my problem and how can I overcome it? Please someone help me.

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+1 Faha Sharapov · March 24, 2015
It's good that you have already decided the language that you want to start programming with, but in order to do that, you will have to learn the concepts of the language first. 
Visit the website wikihow on the subject "How to Learn a Programming Language", it will guide you (in some way) to better understand what steps to take...
0 Raghu Ram · March 26, 2015
Thank you faha for responding. Thank you very much I ll surely visit and look into it. Thank you once again.
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