Best ide for web development?

+4 Erp Eight · March 23, 2015
I initially use notepad++ but then i think that there are much better free ide on windows for web development

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+1 Stuart Abbott · March 23, 2015
I use Sublime Text 3 :) It's awesome, especially when linked with Emmet
+1 James Juan · March 24, 2015
, .try eclipse. the intellisense feature is great.
+1 Stuart Abbott · March 24, 2015
What is the intellisense feature? I've not used Eclipse before
+1 Erp Eight · March 24, 2015
i want something to be lightweight and I don't think eclipse eclipse is lightweight8-)
+2 Ian Arbuckle · March 24, 2015
Jetbrains :)
+1 mike richardson · March 24, 2015
Ummm What are you doing?Just HTML,CSS or are you doing Php,ASP.NET??
+1 Erp Eight · March 25, 2015
I also use php , js ,,ruby;)
+2 mike richardson · March 25, 2015
+1 Erp Eight · March 27, 2015
Brackets is awesome....:D
+1 Sho Carter · March 30, 2015
The best ones would be: 

PHPStorm - fastest development tool I've used in my career, and I've switched over to it. 
Sublime, Notepad++ and the rest aren't IDE, but text editors, so you won't get the features you want. 

I'd suggest you take a look at PHPStorm, only thing is, that you have to buy one. However, if you're not looking to buy (as you mentioned before), then use Netbeans, it's slower, but doesn't most of the things you need it to do, to get a PHP project up and running, and also making it fun to develop. 
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