AVD windows cant be moved

0 steven felio · March 23, 2015
Sounds like song title. :P

now im trying to use android studio 1.1 on my win 8.1 64bit workstation. when i run the avd, it get stuck at fix space on my screen. damm i cant move it around. is there any one of you have met the same problem? or maybe some fixing tutorial.

i post my windows screen capture too, so you guys can have better understanding about my problem. 

Thank you guys./images/forum/upload/2015-03-23/e724e606c648aafc5adb78962e01dc2c.png

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0 steven felio · March 25, 2015
Dear the great Aaron,

Wonderful. your tips works perfectly. :D Thank you very much for your help.
0 Aaron David · March 23, 2015
Greetings Steven, I bring you great news....

Step 1. Select emulator window
Step 2. Hit alt + space-bar
step 3. hit M key
step 4. use keyboard arrow keys to re-position.
step 5. Bask in the silence of victory

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