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+4 Joseph Mancuso · March 22, 2015
I was wondering if you guys can give me some feedback on a website of mine. Its a website designed to be a portfolio site for my wife who is a local photographer. The site is not finished so the links and such do not work. I want you guys to give me some ideas to spoof up the home page and make it look more appealing.

here if the website:

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+1 Umar ( ゚ヮ゚) · March 26, 2015
You could have mentioned that there was a picture of a woman in a BRA!!!! I was in class LOL 

Apart from that it looks really good! in my opinion I think the picture slide can be much better :) 

overall beautiful website!
+1 Nikola Milic · March 26, 2015
One fix just, midle pictures(Family, Couples, Modelling) they are not same hight. Sry bro, i`m perfectionist :). But that`s not gonna be a problem  for you to change ;).

And this: (Find me on), maybe u can put tottaly right. :)

Btw site is nice ;)
+1 Labidi Elyes · March 26, 2015
it's not bad at all :) i like that one :D 
+1 Kevin Smith · March 26, 2015
that looks amazing. I can't wait to get to that level of skill. I just started learning. One think though it might be what you are going for but why does the site stretch all the way across the screen? Most sites i visit always have the pages sitting in the middle with space on either side, almost like its sitting on a sheet of paper on a desk. either way the site looks really great.
+1 Stuart Abbott · March 22, 2015
Hey! Looking really good! One thing I would note is that the width is slightly wider than my browser window at full screen so it cuts a little bit off. Looks great though
0 Joseph Mancuso · March 29, 2015
awesome guys thank you, ill get on this. Really good feedback. After you stare at your own website long enough you fail to see the flaws lol. Appreciate it though!
0 Joseph Mancuso · March 22, 2015
what browser are you using and what gets cut off? the navigation or the slider pictures?
0 Stuart Abbott · March 22, 2015
I'm using Chrome but it also does it on Firefox. It is the text box containing:

Toni Mancuso is a local Fayetteville photographer that specializes in couple, family, homecomings and model photoshoots. Much of her work can be found on this website as well as on her Facebook Page
0 Joseph Mancuso · March 22, 2015
Awesome, yep I see that now. Thank you so much.
0 Joseph Mancuso · March 22, 2015
Ok it should be fixed now =) Appreciate it.
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