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0 Dante Vega · March 22, 2015
Okay so this is the first domain that I have purchased. I purchased it about 6 years ago and am now just learning how to use it. I am trying to learn about cPanel and the only way I can learn is by reading about cPanel and experimenting with my learning. right now I will just be experimenting the website will not be up and running for at least a month or two.

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0 Dante Vega · March 22, 2015
No I have Bought this about 6 years ago. the 48 hour policy should have been long passed.

thanks for the input though.
0 Dante Vega · March 23, 2015
it's working now. I guess I needed to update my CC info for future billing purposes before the cPanel button would appear. like I said I purchased the domain about 6 years ago I am guessing that I paid with a different CC that was no longer active. Thank you for the response and support.
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