I've been doing research for a software development project that I've been working on, and I can't find what I need. I need to know the average resting positions of the fingers when the hand is on a flat surface. If you are willing, could you perform the following procedure, and post the resulting measurements as a response? I'll do the rest.

  1. With a piece of paper under your hand, rest your dominant hand on a flat surface with your arm supported in a comfortable position with your fingers touching the paper.

  2. Position the paper so that your thumb is touching the left hand side, and your middle finger is touching the top of the page, and your middle finger is perpendicular to the upper edge of the page.

  3. With a pen or pencil, place a small dot at the top, leftmost position where your finger is touching the paper.

  4. Measure the X and Y coordinates of each dot, and post

a) the position of each dot

b) which hand you used

The result should look like this (The camera reversed it and the text. Sorry.):


Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks!