0 Developer John · March 22, 2015
What are the limitations to Java?


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+1 Branislav Lazic · March 23, 2015
So you just dug out random link from stack exchange network where people start arguing about performances of X programming language without providing any sources of their claims? Nevertheless, I liked this comment:

I have issues with this. Firefox is written mainly in C++ and its slow. Does that mean C++ is slow? No, it means Firefox is slow. Saying that a language is slow because the largest program written in it is slow is stupid.

And this answer:

@bigown "Why do people still say Java is slow?"

Because they are dumb.

Now what do you consider slow? Is it "slow" judged by a benchmarks or "slow" judged from perspective of end user? "Slow" judged by benchmarks fails as I've shown in my first answer. And "slow" from perspective of end user fails even more since none of my clients ever complained about application performances.

inheriting from more than one parent

Java doesn't support multiple inheritance if you are talking about that.
Oh and what about advantages of Java? Like portability. People say: "If you program in Java you will realize it's not that portable!" I say: "If you program even more, you will realize it is!"
I love C# for example. But fact that I cannot compile my C# project written on Windows platform by any chance on Linux platform, makes me sad.

And last thing... Am I talking with enough competitive person that has strong working  experience with "garbage collected" programming languages?
0 Branislav Lazic · March 22, 2015
Asking about limitations of some programming language is basically asking:
"What I CAN'T do with X programming language?" or "What I CAN'T do efficiently with X programming language?"

In case of Java, I would probably say: System software. I.e. you cannot use Java purely to write operating system since it runs on mediator software (JVM).
0 Dol Lod · March 23, 2015
Java is fundamentally slow. With Java you sacrifice performance to gain reliability. In order of performance: C,C++,Java. Reliability is the reverse. 
0 Branislav Lazic · March 23, 2015

Java is fundamentally slow. With Java you sacrifice performance to gain reliability. In order of performance: C,C++,Java. Reliability is the reverse.

I expected this answer. And I expected it will be provided with zero arguments. Well, Java is not slow. And it's probably last thing you want to mention when talking about limitations of Java. I recently found this research made by IT University of Copenhagen in Denmark: 
You will notice that latest runtimes of Java and C# made massive improvements. 
0 Developer John · March 23, 2015
That is true. Java isn't slow. The latest results of both languages have been proven.
0 Dol Lod · March 23, 2015
That was what I had been taught theoretically in classes covering the origin of programming languages. In that article by the IT university, C did always rank first. I will admit that it was pretty close in a few cases. For a more accurate statement, maybe I should rephrase to Java is relatively slower than C or C++ and that the original design made Java much slower relatively than it is today. is another link to read about the speed of java. 

Actually i can give you other things that Java has a limitation on: operator overloading,inheriting from more than one parent. Now these cannot be disputed b/c this is was actually made part of the design into the language. 
0 Dol Lod · March 23, 2015
@ Branislav Lazic.

I think Java is a great language. The only reason I am not mentioning the good things about Java is because  xXx_DeveloperJohn_xXx Snipars  asked for the limitations of Java, not the advantages. 

I am not going to say that having single parent inheritance is always bad but the choice is not left to the programmer making it a stricter language. The same thing can also be said for operator overloading. Again, the programmer does not have the choice of overloading an operator. 
0 Developer John · March 23, 2015
Now, lets not get into an argument here. I just wanted to know Java's limitations, not the performance of a programming language(Java vs. C or C++).
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