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+3 reema dawes · March 22, 2015
 can anyone help or provide me with programs to aid me in application development , i am familiar with html5 ,css3 and javascript 

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+1 Abdullah Nauman · March 27, 2015
You title says app development.So i assume you want to make native apps with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. For that you can use Phonegap Build. But for some high level web applications you do need PHP, and data bases as well. Currently Phonegap does not provide support for PHP, but there is a simple work around for all of this: 
+1 michael walker · March 23, 2015
dreamweaver cs6 is really good for website. Also by app development
do you mean android or ios??
for android you could try Netbeans IDE but must download 
the android extension to the program. :D

hope this is what you were looking for 
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