Formatting HDD - Win7 or Win8.1?

0 Jason Germarican · March 22, 2015
Which one do you prefer?

I barerly play games, mostly focusing on productivity, coding, and such.

Used Win8.1 now a while, but.. still missing Win7 a bit.


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0 Colonel Panic · March 22, 2015
^ not sound advice.   If you have an old and weak system, that is all the more reason to switch to 8.1.   

8.1 has a much lower impact on resources, so fits well with lower performance machines. 

Honestly though, if you are spending most of your time coding, you need to look at what languages you are going to get into heavy, and what type of servers they would run on.   If you are going to get into C#, and use .net framework, then go with 8.1.   But if you are going to get into Ruby or Python that work better with Linux and BSD systems, get a Mac. 
0 The BM · March 22, 2015
it depents on your system if its old and weak the use 7 its fast but if it new and you like 8.1 then go for it..
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