Disappearing of the drop down menu list in the horizontal menu bar.

+2 Hemin Desai · March 22, 2015
Hey Bucky! I'm your fan and I loved watching and learning from your tutorials. You're awesome and that made me to create an account on TNB. Actually I wanna share one of my experience that I found while I was surfing on your website. It is not an offensive statement but I just felt to share it with you. While I was hovering on the horizontal menu bar at the top of the website, a drop down menu appeared for few of the menu items(Videos & Tutorials, MyAccount and Popular). While I try to select one item from that drop down menu list while moving my mouse pointer from the main menu item of the horizontal bar, it suddenly disappears and I'm unable to select items from that drop down menu list. I considered it as a design before. But after sometime I was able to select the items from that drop down menu list. I was just figuring out whether it is your design style or not and that made me post this thing. Please, don't consider it as an offensive statement. 


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0 Bucky Roberts · March 22, 2015
Thanks Hemin. I actually noticed this too the other day. It started happening after I updated some of the CSS. I must have accidentally changed something that I shouldn't have. For some reason when I right click a menu item too, the menu disappears  :wassat:

I will look in to it now and try to fix it. Thanks again, let me know if you find any other bugs  :)
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