Dilemma... Python 2.7 vs Python 3.4

0 Ian Jonson · March 21, 2015
Well, I've recently begun to learn python and started from Python 2.7. Not so long ago I ask myself: should I keep learning python 2.7 when there's a new python 3.4. What do you think: is it ok to learn old python?

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0 The BM · March 22, 2015
its ok to learn the old if you are going to use alot of 3rd partie modules which are allways aviable for 2.7 and not allways for 3.4
But they are updating the modules to 3.4 so it all depends of you're doing with python and what modules you use..
0 Colonel Panic · March 22, 2015
I started with python 2, and asked myself the same question.   

I have yet to see python 3 in any production environment that I have ever worked on.   Pretty much all distro's of Linux come standard with 2.7, and it's libraries are more vast.   

I say keep with 2.7 and when you have a need to use another version, you can learn it then.  The transition from 2.7 to whatever your environment requires will not be that hard when your experience is higher. 
0 Ian Jonson · March 23, 2015
Thanks, I'll keep this in mind
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