I am using latest version of (android-studio-bundle-135.1740770-windows 7)
I have completed the installation process, but when I open the Android SDK it says "downloading components". then i give download, but the download fails with this error:

****// Refresh Sources:
 Failed to fetch URL


epository/addons_list-2.xml), reason: Unknown Host dl.google.com
 Fetched Add-ons List successfully
 Refresh Sources
 Failed to fetch URL
 http://dl.google.com/android/repository/repository-10.xml, reason: IO Unknown Host dl.google.com
 There is nothing to install or update.
 The following SDK component was not installed:
 build-tools-21.1.1 ***///

I found a solution from Google for downloading these components offline using a direct link to the repository, but the repository contains lots of files. Which files do I want to download?

thanks advance