Photochop Contest!

+8 James Laguardia · June 21, 2014
Photoshop contest, or sometimes photochop contest, is an online game, in which a website or user of an Internet forum will post a starting image â?? usually a photograph â?? and ask others to manipulate the image using some kind of graphics editing software, such as PhotoshopCorel Photopaint, The GIMPPaint Shop ProPaint.NET or Microsoft Paint.

So that's the game and here is the first image!

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+1 nosaJ G · June 25, 2014
Did I do it right?

+1 Karlos Koponen · June 27, 2014
+2 nosaJ G · June 27, 2014
Ok, so why are all of those random words in your post linked to wikipedia?  Do we really need a link to a wiki article on software?  Did something automate that?
+2 Karlos Koponen · June 29, 2014
He copied the text from Wikipedia.
0 nosaJ G · June 30, 2014
Lol.  So are we supposed to edit the original image or the last posted image?
+4 Predrag Kostic · July 5, 2014
I did mine with GIMP, I'm not used to doing this kind of thing, I mostly do pixel art..
+2 Savad Dekrup · August 10, 2014
0 krishna sumanth duggirala · January 6, 2015
Guys i dint exactly dint get the concept!! can someone explain me! :/ TY
0 Gabriel Felipe · January 6, 2015

Guess it is it.
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How could we ever get a distorted image of celebrities without it?

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