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+1 Mrs RedTechNeck · March 20, 2015
Hey there,

Love the tutorials! They've helped me gain the knowledge I am lacking in web design. I am new to html, java, css... all of that but I am so ready to learn.

I straight up need a mentor I think. I hope that I can find all of the help I need here. I have an existing website that I am trying to freshen up and update for a client and I really don't know where to start. 

I've copied the source code into my notepad++ and I have my folders with images and I am getting some of the basics but the background colors and layers and stuff, do I do those in CSS?

The content of the site will stay mostly the same. It's really design that needs updating. 


Thank's y'all 

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+1 Rehman . · March 20, 2015
Yes the backgrounds and colors are things to be handled in CSS as in future if you may need to change those you can simply open your css files and amend them.
0 Umar ( ゚ヮ゚) · March 20, 2015
Hey! :)

From my experience working with HTML, JS, CSS, and PHP I can give you few pointers.

When creating a website it's a good practice that you create a wire frame "Template of the website"

the next step would be Creating the basic layout of your website in HTML.

Then add the CSS to it later.

Regarding your question: creating a background color can be done in BOTH CSS and HTML. But it's better if all the design, and what i call "the feel of the website" should be done in CSS.

The Tips i'll give you is learn <DIV> it will make your life easy in CSS, and you should also learn how to create classes in CSS + HTML this can be tricky for some people but once you get this down adding style to your website will be piece of cake!

hope That answers your question! 
yes I know i'm quite talkative :pinch:
0 Mrs RedTechNeck · April 4, 2015
Thank you guys!! You're awesome. I started using Dreamweaver to code and design. I've had a couple of "hiccups" but I am getting the hang of it. I appreciate your help.

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