Hey Bucky my name is Irfan, and I'm preparing for a code question for an interview that I have on this coming Tuesday.  The company develops a 3D face modeling program for Android, and I'm guessing that I need to spend more time reviewing graphics.   Anyways, I was watching your video on creating draw method on theNewBoston website for a triangle and I was a little confused on one aspect and that is the face culling.  In that video you mentioned that adding vertices in a CCW direction, the back of the triangle will be facing us, and CW ordering the front of the triangle will be facing us.  However in the Android documentation (http://developer.android.com/training/graphics/opengl/shapes.html) they said that ordering in a CCW direction will set the front of the object facing us.  I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that the example given in Android is openGL ES 2.0 and the example given in your video is openGL ES (using GL10)?  I've tried creating a cube with a different color on each side, so that I could tell easily which is front and which is back using openGL ES 2.0.  What I found out is that the vertices that I listed first with that particular color ended up in the back and not seen doing a CCW order when I tried rotating the cube.  I know that when you enable face-culling then by default the back of the cube is not shown.  I would greatly appreciate it if you clarify this for me, so that I could ace that question and grab that job.