How To Become A Advanced Php developer

+1 Damindra Thennakoon · March 19, 2015
Hi All .I Am a Php Developer. But Want To be a Professional Advanced Developer. What Are The Exam I should take.
I Only Know About zend Exams. What Is the Correct Path to Finish It.? Please Help Me. Thanks Alot

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+3 Ibrahim Tuzlak · March 21, 2015
A certification may be a plus for employment, I suppose, but it just shows you know the tools. On the other hand, things you've developed shows that you actually know how to make use of the tools.
As Mathias pointed out, becoming advanced [in anything?] requires experience. Probably years of it.

You may want to check out . My suggestion would be to do these projects and eventually get the certification. That way, I'm assured companies would recognize the potential.

p.s. I'm far from being an advanced developer.
+2 Donny Garner · March 25, 2015
As you become a better programmer, you'll learn that this is a profession of knowledge through resources.  You have to reference material constantly.  If you can show you've built some amazing projects then you'll land that interview with the lead developer.  Build something.  Work fast.  Break things.
+1 Curtis Schrum · March 25, 2015
I am a little late to answer this but getting Zend Certified is helpful in employment. I work at a Magento Ecommerce company, it is accepted that Magento is some of the most challenging PHP work that can be done (some of that is because its over-engineered). Our company hires without certifications however, its easier to get hired and you get paid more if you are certified in Zend, or Magento. 
+1 Damindra Thennakoon · March 20, 2015
Yes But Company Owners /Customers expecting us to do so....isn't it ?
+1 Jason Knight · March 21, 2015
I have never seen any ad on a jobs website saying to be hired you need a certain qualification, but they all do expect you to prove that you are competent.... which is done by as Mathias mentioned having a portfolio of websites, blogs, github projects any project you have worked on as evidence that you can actually do the job, a big part of web development is being creative which no exam can prepare you for.
+1 Damindra Thennakoon · March 22, 2015
Thanks guys that means  a lot. thanks for all your advices
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