How to insert the value of a javascript alert box with input type text into html paragraphs

+1 Jae Phan · March 19, 2015
I'm actually using external jquery for this... and the code is 

    $(document).ready(function() {
  var userName = window.prompt("Please Enter Your Name", "Text");

so once the page is opened an alert box with Please Enter Your Name pops up and I want whatever value (the user's name) is typed into the input field to be placed in certain parts of the paragraph in my html file

<p> Welcome, (and i want their name here)</p>

Is this possible? Thank you in advance. :)

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0 Sho Carter · March 30, 2015
Well, if it's going to work on the same page, you can do it this way:

HTML Page:
Hello, my name is 

jQuery file:

$( function() {

var Paragraph = $( '#paragraph' ).html();
var UserName = window.prompt( 'Please Enter Your Name', 'User1' );
var DynamicName = $( 'span#dynamicName');

if (UserName == '')
Username = 'User1';

DynamicName.html( UserName );
0 william appiah-dankwah · March 31, 2015
thats a good idea? it might be harder in javerscript
0 Sho Carter · April 1, 2015
This is jQuery...
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