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0 manoj kale · March 17, 2015

I have completed core java and advanced java and I want to develop games. "The Game Development Using Java" 

I'm able to do servlet,jsp,networking,swing,awt,applet,multithreading

How do I start?

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0 Vera Hurst · March 17, 2015
To start with game development, you must have a clear idea of what game you intend to build. Different games require different modules and resources. Therefore, the first step to game development is chalking out a clear outline of what game you want to develop and what will be the components of the game.
+1 Umar ( ゚ヮ゚) · March 17, 2015
Looks as if you want to develop games in java?

I'd say the first step would be to consider what type of game is it going to be?

3D? 2D?

then I would start planing out the concept of the game / the Genre

is it going to be adventure? shooter? etc.

Then the fun part comes creating Sprites for your game.

and then the actual coding.

also you might want to consider how big is the project? is it going to be a big time game - then consider a "Team"

otherwise you will need to break down each concept alone ex: Coding the movement, sounds, music, lighting etc.

if you would like there are some program you can look into that can help you create games such as

1. Game Maker Studio
2.RPG maker
3. Unity which the programs are coded in C#

If you would like a reading material on this subject I would recommend  Developing Games in Java By: David Brackeen

:) Good Luck!
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