I am fairly new to Android Programming so forgive me if this has been asked/answered somewhere already but I did try searching(a lot!)

With that being said, I am looking for a way to draw a guided path on the camera(augmented reality ftw) using the already gathered LatLng data from Google Directions API.
What I've done till now:

  1. Get generic User Data & Mode of transport.

  2. Build Google Places API url, get Json data and parse it and put it in a list.

  3. Mark current user location and mark destination chosen from the aforementioned list.

  4. Calculate Route/Distance/Time using the collected data and passing it to Google Directions API. Plotting the polyLine on the Map.

I wanted to know how to use the LatLng coordinated used to draw the polyLine to be used to draw a similar "path" on the camera (surfaceView).
Or if there is some other way to realize the same output.

Link to Screenshots http://imgur.com/a/BEAoM

Thanks in advance