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0 The Bullet · March 15, 2015
I've seen Bucky's video which he taught me how to code the GUI in Java. However I recently found out that there is a built in software called "WindowsBuilder" which allows you to build your own Windows graphically in Eclipse. So I would like to know if it's necessary to learn the GUI tutorial or just use Windows Builder instead

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+1 Branislav Lazic · March 15, 2015
Yes it is! I'm working primarily as a desktop application developer and I can say only one thing: Use of Java GUI builders is almost always shooting in your leg.
0 The Bullet · March 16, 2015
Why is that so?
0 Branislav Lazic · March 16, 2015
Java GUI builders generate true junk out of code in background.
0 The Bullet · March 17, 2015
I see, thanks for the reply :D
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