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0 Martin Kristiansen · March 14, 2015
I need some directions and advice. :)

I have a project for a mobile app in mind (look below), but am confused about all the different programming languages, frameworks and so. Confused about what to focus on. 

Also, I'm not sure if I should focus on a solution specifically for this project or just try to get good at developing mobile apps in general?

I have learned the basics of JavaScript and Swift. Have never tried working with a framework.

The app has to be able to do the following:

  • Store user data (strings and numbers)

  • Show various graphs and stats based on the user data

  • Look like a native iOS/Android app (e.g. like iTunes and App Store with the menu at the bottom)

  • Send push messages to the user

  • Ideally work for both iOS and Android

I’m of course looking for as easy and fast a solution as possible, but more important is that the solution looks and works like a quality app.

Which solutions would be best for the project above? And what about developing apps in general? (or does it vary from app to app?)

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0 ahmed dahiru · August 16, 2015
If you plan on running on both android and ios devices you have two choices
1. develop a hybrid app (html5,css, javascript frameworks) you'll need to look into sencha, ionic, angular js etc. At the end of the day, you can use phonegap to deploy for android and ios using just one code base. Titanium (javascript but closer to native) is another good way to go.

2. Go native: Java for android(basically), Objc/swift for ios. This option is far more expensive and requires two different languages. On the other hand, nothing beats natve especially when it comes to speed and native api support

Conclusion: If you want to do it yourself, I suggest you look into titanium studio sice you know javascript. It takes little effort to adapt the code from ios-android and vice versa.. If you want to outsource and have the budget, native is always best but if you are on a she string budget, hybrid is the way to go.
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