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+1 NAGISA FURUKAWA · March 14, 2015
hello i know the basics of C# language like data types , libraries and stuff but i wish to start learning c# in the oop way , could any one suggest me good object oriented book / tutorials . 

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0 Sirajus Salekin · April 28, 2015
IMHO, your best bet will be the 'Head First' books. They are easier for the newbies to understand, and slowly, chapter by chapter they'll teach you up about almost the complex features of the language. You should really give it a try.

Also, you'll need to get a clearer concept about OOP, study a little about it first (not the complex topics) and then start C#.
This tutorial series about OOP from WiBit.Net is good, you can try it too (

Hope this helps.
0 NAGISA FURUKAWA · August 16, 2015
Thanks alot! 
0 chris elviss · November 9, 2015
Hope this will help you.....

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C# is an object-oriented language designed for improving the development of web applications.