Can a a total beginner start with html5

+1 tezuka PC · March 14, 2015
on the video guides it is recommended to learn java and xhtml and css first, how big of a deal is it, can I get away without learning those if I pay close attention and work hard?

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+1 Jason Knight · March 14, 2015
I am not quite sure what video you are talking about but I am guessing it is an old one... But if you want to build websites html is the place to start.
html5 is the latest and greatest version of html, xhtml is old... at the time the video was recorded the standards where probably transitioning, but now you should be fine to start with html5....
 my  learning path was html > css > actionscript    > JavaScript  >  PHP
 and I really had no problems as that path kind of builds on top of each other...
I would suggest a similar path but probably not bother learning actionscript unless you want to make games, or ads or have free time and are interested. 
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