Can a a total beginner start with html5

+1 tezuka PC · March 14, 2015
on the video guides it is recommended to learn java and xhtml and css first, how big of a deal is it, can I get away without learning those if I pay close attention and work hard?

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0 Lotfi Ace · March 17, 2015
Go watch the first tutorial of the series, he says it there.
0 Abdullah Nauman · March 17, 2015

 it is recommended to learn java and xhtml and css first,

I think that you are confusing Java with JavaScript,  Java is a programming language you need'nt know Java for Web development, but when you start to get deeper in to web development, then JavaScript is a must. 
0 Stuart Abbott · March 17, 2015
Also, just to throw it out there, always remember that Java and JavaScript are different
0 Vera Hurst · March 17, 2015
You need not learn Java at the very first. However, having a little bit of knowledge will surely help in the web development process. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and the basic of web designing. So, you can definitely start off by learning html5 at first.
0 tezuka PC · March 16, 2015
thanks Jason Knight and the weird life guy lol, and to everyone that replied.

also I thought javascript was dying or is that something else, I though java script was flash and apple tried to kill it off by not putting it on its ios devices and html5 took over.
0 Tommy C · March 16, 2015

Most creatures live a relatively average length lifetime, despite knowing very little if anything about web development.

0 Jason Knight · March 16, 2015
Try this guy he sounds alright.
0 Jason Knight · March 16, 2015
Ok sorry for the confusion. 
In a nutshell.

XHTML is an older version of HTML
HTML5 Is the newest version of HTML  

they are both HTML, they will both work however stuff has been added and refined in HTML5 that was not present in earlier versions.
So i guess in that way it is a little bit more complicated.... but not to the point where you'll have to learn previous versions to grasp the concept. This video is 4 years old... I'll have a look and see if i can find you a newer one.
0 tezuka PC · March 16, 2015
wait im a bit confused is html just short for xhtml? or something different, people on youtube told me to learn xhtml and javascript 1st because html5 is more advanced and I would not understand the videos.

so xhtml = html or html5 = html

because bucky doesnt go over the basics in his html5 videos people are telling me to learn xhtml and css first.

to stuart - why dont you want to learn html5 after? 
+1 Stuart Abbott · March 15, 2015
I agree with Jason. I'm still a complete newb at this and at present I know only a small amount of HTML and CSS. Once I have a bit more of a solid grounding with these I am going to move onto JavaScript, jQuery and PHP. Ideally, I want to make a website that incorporates all of these.

So, in short, HTML is a great place to start!
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