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0 Chelsea ChelseaBoy · March 14, 2015
Hi, everyone! I've started watching Bucky's Android tutorials called "Android App Development for Beginners" which he has been producing since 2015. But there is also another his Android development called "Android Application Development Tutorial" which was back in 2011. Can smb tell me if there is a substantial difference in terms of coding/syntax/logic between these tutorials except the latest one based on Android Studio? And is Bucky still adding more videos to his 2015 Android development tutorials? Thanks in advance!


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+2 Tsin Fung Johnny Lam · March 14, 2015
For Bucky's Android Tutorial
1. Newer
2. Using Android Studio instead of Eclipse (IDE)
3. Different Contents on Learning Android
4. Taught by Bucky

In terms of coding/syntax/logic, different people will have different style on coding, so I think the Android Tutorial of Bucky
is a bit different with the older one (mybringback). Teaching styles are also different. Which one is better, then it depends on your favor. mybringback has a lot of android tutorial videos on its official site, which contains android game development and android course for beginner which is different on thenewboston. 
I think the purpose for Bucky to make a new tutorial on Android is that many things in Android are changed, in order for the learner
in thenewboston to obtain more updated information in Android, there is a need to record a series of Android Tutorial. 
And there is a demand out there as well. I remember that Bucky said that he will be making the API of thenewboston for us to make our own Android application about thenewboston social network. So this probably the other reason to make a new one.

The latest video on the Android Tutorial was published on 4 Mar 2015, there is a week for him no taking video on it.
He is now taking the video on JavaFX which was recently published on 6 Mar 2015.
So he probably will be taking more videos on Android Tutorial I guess?
Just staying tune on the course of Android Tutorial of Bucky.

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