Python Restart logic

0 Motiram Poul · March 14, 2015

I have python program which reads input file; validate the file record and apply some transformation and create JSON and load/update into MongoDB.
Lets consider if this program fails due to some reason while processing 100th record so till this time I have inserted 99 record in database so when we restart it should skip 99 records; start reading/validation from 100th record and load into database. 
How do we do this in python code, please suggest.

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0 The BM · March 17, 2015
I dont know your exact code but you could do this with a counter...
So if it fails at 99 the number gets savet to an external file and when you restart the program it reads 99 from this file 
and starts from there on processing/ or starts the loop at 99 considering you are just using one loop.

It would be realy helpfull if you could post the code.
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