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+1 Tamanna Islam · March 13, 2015
I cant seem to download notepad++ for since I have a mac. What do you reccomend I use instead?

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0 Dol Lod · March 13, 2015
Personally, I love using intellij. It's much better than Eclipse for java and other such applications. Python is the same.

However, I think you probably mean a lightweight editor so I might have to adjust my response a bit. Sadly, the only free one resembling notepad++ I could find is called Komodo . However, it does have the same tabular feature like Notepad++. It does have automatic bracing which is kind of nice. It has some of the other automatic features you are used to on Notepad++ like all caps, joining lines, word replacement, tabifying, comment blocking. It does color types and recognize multiple languages.

My assessment is that it is an inferior version of notepad++ where I would say it is about 50% as good which is sadly as good as you are going to get on a Mac. It is also available on Windows so it is cross-OS if it helps. 
0 Apoorv Prasad · March 14, 2015
Today , I downloaded editor. try that too...its good!!!
+1 Abdullah Nauman · March 14, 2015
Really? Thanks for the info, will defiantly try it out.
0 Gustavo Gamez · March 14, 2015
I might be a bit late IDK.. but I love brackets. If you download it alongside with Chrome  you can use dual screens and see your code change the website's look in realtime! (Tip: Make sure you hit "save" before you quit, just because it changed on chrome browser doesn't mean the changes are permanent until you hit "save")
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