i don't know where to post this. it's about API help

+1 Nathan Moland · March 13, 2015
does learning API is hard?

post helpful links and tuts.

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0 Nathan Moland · March 18, 2015
Hmm. i'm using mix php, javascript, jquery html css to build a website i don't  use/know rails and sinatra. :(
btw what API's do? I want to learn it because I just saw it in the skill qualification of a company who hire web developers.
0 Sho Carter · March 30, 2015
To answer the question specifically, if you're looking at developing an API, especially in this period where RESTful API application is dominant, then I'd suggest you read here: http://www.restapitutorial.com

At the same time, this may also be dependant on the technology you'd like to use, like Nikola mentioned above. For PHP, you can develop an API using a PHP Framework like Laravel, Yii, Zend etc.... in JavaScript, you can use ExpressJS (using NodeJS), however, you'd need some good understanding of JavaScript to be able to use that. 

Hope this helps. 
0 Nathan Moland · March 30, 2015
Ok thanks a lot. reading time.
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A scripting language that is added to standard HTML to create interactive effects, apps, games for the browser.