Global Chat?

+1 Brian Lefler · March 12, 2015
Would be really cool, if you implemented a Global Chat feature. Just saying :)

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0 Jeroen Bouwen · September 28, 2015
There's a newboston IRC? What server and channel are you on?
0 Tatrasiel R · March 17, 2015
C'mon Raahim, We are totally Serial about this! :P
0 Tatrasiel R · March 17, 2015
You're right. 

Perhaps a simple plugin that connects to the IRC room? I was thinking of an Iframe and kiwiirc..

Oh I see you've already have a link for this.

Surely, we can automate this or integrate it.
0 Tatrasiel R · March 14, 2015
I have seen some weak servers support a internal IRC channel with little problems . The main issue was integration into the webpage itself.

I think however, once the site gets larger that this would become an impossibility and would become something like a chat among friends. 

At any rate, I am still hoping for  (Forum works wonderfully)

Private messaging to show the previous message upon reply.
Posting to to allow for visibility of more than one line of text.
Code comments in our own posts.
Editing our own posts in certain areas .
Putting likes on peoples comments and then having them get sorted.
Cleaner more specific syntax highlighting.
Create our own series and have them voted on so that we can all share information.
I would like to see this become almost more project oriented. like people can have open projects herein their profiles and people could join them on github and work on them.  An example being, I know you're all working on something but I don't know what. A projects item and keyword and we could simple search for a project and help others on that project would be cool.

In the end, I think this site will be like if Stackoverflow, FB and Linkedin were to merge. Those are popular sites and I have been watching this grow and I am quite happy of it's progress thus far.
+1 Tatrasiel R · March 13, 2015
Having IRC integrated into the site would be nice!
0 Brian Lefler · March 13, 2015
Oh. Ok. Where is it and how do I access it?
0 Brian Lefler · March 12, 2015
No, I mean a 'Global' chat... Everyone talks in the same room, not just the individual chats.
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