Install and Configuring phpMyAdmin

+1 Shariul Islam · March 12, 2015
Hello Guys, I want to become a web developer. I currently watched Buckys "How to Install Apache, MySQL, and PHP" Tutorials. And successfully set up apache, php, mysql. But I am having problem with phpMyAdmin installation. Is there any tutorial available for installing phpMyAdmin manually? Pls help....... Thanks in advance..........

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+1 Donny Garner · March 25, 2015
Try looking into... um... what's that one download called???

Oh. right. Download WAMP Server if you're on a windows PC.  It's pretty easy setup and will allow you to run web applications locally, meaning you won't have to buy hosting through a company like HostRepair (shameless advert).

If you're running Linux, then use LAMP. I have no idea what macs use.  Mostly because I don't develop on a Mac.  Hope this helped and good luck!
0 dwayne lewis · March 25, 2015
I think Mac uses MAMP or all Linux, Mac and Windows can used XAMP...
0 Shariul Islam · April 4, 2015
Thanksss guys.....
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