ASP.Net for Web Portal?

+1 Brian Lefler · March 12, 2015
Hey All!

Just finished the tutorial on HTML and CSS. It was great... I know VB.Net, and starting with ASP.Net... I figured that starting with ASP.Net I would need the basics of HTML and CSS. 

My project is a Web Portal for my Company... I am the ERP Administrator... I want to offer an offsite solution for my executive employees, to access things from our Pervasive Database on our internal server... I have the basic understanding of using ASP controls to drive VB events, and also fully understand communicating with my server, through ODBC with VB... The one thing that is concerning me, is the fact that, as far as I know, in order to access real time data from my database server, through ODBC, I will need to host the portal locally on my database server (through IIS7?). This concerns me in that my company being able to run effectively, is dependent on the security of my database server... Would you recommend any starting points with securing the website from vulnerabilities or malicious attacks, or do you know of any methods to host the website through a web hosting service, while still having access to the local database in real time? (FTP, is obviously out of the question). 

Any input is greatly appreciated!!!

Maybe ASP.Net is not the answer?

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+1 Abdullah Nauman · March 12, 2015
0 Brian Lefler · March 12, 2015
Thanks.... Moving it now.
0 Brian Lefler · March 12, 2015
Thanks! I copied it over to the other location... Looks like it just needs approval over there.
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