Working on several forum improvements now!

+3 Bucky Roberts · June 20, 2014
What's up guys? Just a heads up, we are going to be working on several improvements to the forum this week. First, we are going to be changing the styling of the forum rows to make everything more user friendly and easier to see.


Also, we are going to be working on the syntax highlighter and the code posting issues. Several users are reporting problems when posting or viewing source code on the forum, so we are looking at all of the issues and will be fixing them soon. 

I will keep you guys updated. Make sure to keep posting all issues or bugs in the Bug Reports section. Thanks!

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+1 Sheldon Juncker · June 20, 2014
You're probably getting overwhelmed with all of our suggestions, but it'd be cool to see how many times each post has been viewed.
+1 Bucky Roberts · June 20, 2014
Yep I understand and agree. We will have this feature in the near future :)
0 Daniel Collier · June 20, 2014
hi hoss, when replying to problems people have with their code on this forum i find it hard if they have a lengthy question because it goes to a completely different page for replying where i cannot see the question they are asking only the reply that i writing.

 it would be awesome if this post section could be on the same page as the question that has been asked so i can refer back to the question when answering,


 hope that was clear, collier out.
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