How much should I charge for a custom website?

+2 Abdullah Nauman · March 11, 2015
Hey guys, 
I was wondering, sometimes people ask me, what my price for a website is, and I a, just not sure. I am a free lancer, so I don't really have any initial costs. Just time. Should I charge based on the project, or based on hours, Also if I go with hours, how does my client know how many hours I took making it. I would appreciate any help. 

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+3 Dante Vega · March 12, 2015
I don't know how to buld complex web sites infact I am still working on my first one. I do know people that do make websites though. They all base the price upon complexity. for instance if it is a basic website that only needs XHTML and CSS it would be about $300-$600 depending on the amount of pages. if it needs Java the price would go up a little like $450-$800 like I said based on the amount of pages. The only reason the price wouldn't go up considerably is if the pages were duplicates and all you had to do was change the content. In that case they would only charge $10-$15 depending on the amout of content. A page with 4 or more languages would be in the multiple $1000 range depending on the complexity of the website and the amount of pages plus the amount of content.
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