Half of the stuff we do in our lives is a gamble.

+3 Dante Vega · March 11, 2015
When you think about it about half of the stuff you do in your life is a gamble. For example when you are look for a girl or boy friend, how many times will average people fail before succeeding? When you apply for a job, how many others are applying for the same job or career? You invest your time and knowledge into preparing an attractive resume, portfolio and application and yet you're doing it for sometimes a one in one-hundred to thousand chance of being hired. This is especially true if you are applying for a job or career in the graphic design industry. The graphic design career field is so competitive that literally less than half of the people that go to school for graphic design get hired. It is for this reason that I choose to make my own odds by starting up my own business in the near future.

The business plan that I have and am going to put into action is based off of eight and a half years of research. In all those years I have pinpointed all the weaknesses of my competitors and turned them into my strengths. The competitors that I will be going up against in the near future have a major vulnerability that I will be exposing. I know that I am making it seem like the Achilles heel but that is exactly what I want you to think. To prove my theory let me ask you a few questions. If you don't know how to answer these questions chances are that you know someone that can.

Have you ever gone onto YouTube or any other site that provides tutorials on graphic design to request a tutorial that you were unable to find?

Has any of the tutorials you've requested been created that you know of?

If so how many out of the number requested have been fulfilled?

If you are a graphic design student chances are the answer to the first question is a YES. For the second question most students would either answer “No or I'm not sure”. For the last question I am willing to bet that most if not everyone would answer "very few or none". There is a reason of why this is and it is simple as pie. The element that they are all missing is the Achilles heel that I speak of. Once you know what the element is it will all make sense.

This one element is the main reason I rather take a gamble in starting my own business rather than applying for a job as a graphic designer. By utilizing this element I will expose my competitor's venerability to set a new standard in the distribution of Graphic Design Tutorials.

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+2 alex constantin · March 12, 2015
Good post
+2 Donald Trump · March 12, 2015
Very nice post, kinda gave me some more hope and motivation for my future :)
+1 Dante Vega · March 12, 2015
Thank you It wasn't my intent it was only supposed to be a rant but if it had a positive effect on others well than I am glad.
+1 Cardinal Coog · March 13, 2015
"Venerability" doesn't mean what you think it does. Perhaps, the word you're trying to use is "vulnerability"? If you're planning on starting a business, I strongly recommend you brush up on not only your computer/programming skills, but on your grasp/ability to communicate effectively in English.

Good luck.
0 Dante Vega · March 13, 2015
@Cardinal Coog 

Sorry about that I was using my cellphone when I typed out that thread the auto correct must have filled it in as Venerability instead of Vulnerability. Thank you for pointing that out I’ll rectify that now.
0 Dante Vega · March 13, 2015
http://webchat.freenode.net/? &channels=##coding 

I can respect that but the thing is I can give out a message and you can translate it how you want however, I am thinking the majority of people on this site like to learn from tutorials which is why I posted this rant here. I was targeting the message at the majority not the few scholars that visit this website.  
Okay I am updating this as before I didn't even bother to view the video but now that I have it really doesn't change my outlook. I never said that I was going to revolutionize the way people learn. I only want to enhance the learning quality of graphic design tutorials or as the guy in the video said evolution pushing tutorials to evolve. 
Most of the other stuff that was mentioned in the video i have been thinking about sense day one. Am I trying to replace an instructor no? I am only trying to provide there student with a services needed when they can’t get an instructors consultation. Textbooks are good for learning the principles of graphic design and the instructors can better explain the principles to students who can't make sense of the textbooks dialog. This will probably never change and it is for this reason that I will never strive to replace instructors with tutorials. 
Graphic Design Tutorials are good for learning the hands on aspect. Audio Visual learning has been proven to be one of the best combinations of learning styles. What can't be taught in a text book or by an instructor can usually be taught through audio video tutorials. 
Another thing that I agree on and with 100% if I might add is that the students like to know that they are important. That is why sense day one this has been my number one priority. It is not about the money. It’s about filling a service that I know I was in need of and that other student I worked with were also in need of while I was attending school. Since the way student are taught in school between when I started school to now hasn't changed much or at all the need of the service is still valid. I want to prevent other students from getting into the same predicaments that I and my fellow students were in while we attended college.
You are not the only one to put the words in my posts "you're going to start creating graphic design video tutorials" or similar statements. I never said that I was going to create Graphic Design Tutorials I only said that my site would be hosting Graphic Design Tutorials. Read my posts again you will not find where I said I plan on making graphic design tutorials" with the exception of this post to tell you won't find it. Making such a statement that is not true isn't really putting you volatility to good use as a scholar. You mentioned that as a scholar that you would much rather learn by reading from a text book correct? Well what about when you post on a subject. I know a good amount of scholars myself and I know for a fact that before the give there opinion on anything they make sure they know what they are talking about. So what happened?
0 Tommy C · March 17, 2015

When you think about it about half of the stuff you do in your life is a gamble.

Is it only half of it?. 
In any decision you make the "gamble" comes into play as a lack of information. I believe that given enough information you could predict anything but this will take away the beauty of imperfection or the humanity.

My point is that for some things in life it's worth it to leave it to the unexpected but in my opinion business is not one of them. Unfortunately for this very reason, our own nature it's that difficult to retrieve accurate information.

It is for this reason that I choose to make my own odds by starting up my own business in the near future.

 As I see things you don't make any odds, you might be able to use them in your favour and a powerful tool to do that is the feedback. I have the impression that you feel threatened or attacked when you should be thankful in my opinion.

Good luck  with your project:) 
0 Dante Vega · March 17, 2015
@Tommy C

Very thoughtful feedback but don't get me wrong I have said this many times before however, never on this site. "I thank God for giving me the experiences that he did because without them I would never had the Idea to start a business like the one I am aspiring to start up," Not everyone who gambles is afraid of losing some thing or even afraid in general. Some people gamble out of pure curiosity. I wonder what would happen if I did this rather than doing that which I know is safe? They do not fear the outcome but are curious of what the outcome would be. That explains me. The way that I am proceeding with starting my business will not put me in any worse of a position than I am in now. Everyone involved is well aware that the deals benefits depend on the success-fullness of the company. Everyone involved is involved because they believe or know (depending on certain people’s definition) that the company is going to be a success. I am not afraid of the outcome whichever way it falls there is no reason to.

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