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0 Dante Vega · March 10, 2015
Okay I have a nefew that likes to play the sims games. I know he has the sims 4 and his birthday is coming up. I want to make a sim that looks exactly like him. I don't know how to accomplish this on the sims creator because of some very unique facial featurs . I know I could replicate those features in a face mesh using illustrator but is there a way to import that face mesh into the sims 4 so he can play as his self?

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0 Dante Vega · March 10, 2015
Well I have also posted similar posts on Sims forums all over the web. I am one of those people that thinks out side of the box when it comes to gaining resources. If there is the smallest chance that someone can know how to do what needs to be accomplished than it is worth mentioning. A posibility that is not utalized is nothing more than an imposibility.
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