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+1 Sadek Hossain · March 10, 2015
Hey, I don't know how to code for creating a forum,, For example , I am now writing this question using a box and there are lots of tools above and a submit button, If I click on submit my question will appear in the forum (Hope so)... If I want to create such a forum what I need to do,, 
because I am trying to build a site for the students of my country . In my website this feature I want to include,. Please don't panic to read all ,.,, 

1. You can post Questions in both (English and Bangla)
2. You can answer others questions.
3. If your answer is accepted by the person who asked ,you will then be rewarded with some points. 
4. Your points can make you number one ... Or you can be rewarded by some real gifts after earning certain number of points, 
5. You can write articles in your favorite fields, If your articles get certain number of vote you will have some more points in your account,. 
6. If you are a successful contributor in answering or writing articles , your profile will be highlighted in the top among the list of toppers..  

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+1 Jason Knight · March 11, 2015
Ok I am assuming you are new to web development (forgive me if I am wrong) I am assuming you know html and css. 

You will need to learn PHP or another server side language to interact with a database where you store the users points and questions... I recommend  PHP academy there a free youtube channel that will take you from a beginner to an ok coder in a few tutorial series, This is thing I am typing into now is just a regular html textarea,  with a (I think they are called) WYSIWYG editor attached here is the first result from google i dont know if it's any good or not there a million more out there you can find :) 

another option is wordpress I have never used it but i believe it requires minimal coding with an appstore like approach to plugins you can add to your website 

And I have never tried to write a website in anything but English, but I am almost certain google translator has something you can embed on your website to translate for English to Bangla or vice versa... that would be here some where 

I wish you good luck :) 
0 Sadek Hossain · March 11, 2015
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