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0 Sadek Hossain · March 10, 2015

Sadek Hossain
I wrote a book with adobe acrobat . The book file is in pdf format and this book is interactive (I mean, lots of videos , swf animations has been embedded in the documents ).. 
Now I want to create an app ( desktop app or mobile ) with this book, The app should be in chapter by chapter, 
One problem with acrobat interactive documents is. it only support adobe reader 9 or latest version of adobe to play the multimedia contents . 

My question is , which I have to learn to create such an app ??? 

Please help. 

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+1 Dol Lod · March 10, 2015
So in a nutshell, you want to convert your pdf into an app preserving all links, videos ....  

You can't just access parts of a pdf. I think you honestly will be much better off converting your pdf into an epub using Calibre. Everything will be much easier especially because Calibre doesn't require direct programming and has much faster learning curve. Epubs are readable on almost every device so it is also more general.

Regardless of Everything, you will have to convert your pdf into a text file. 

That being said, if you insist on an Android app

1) Learn how to make a background for the application using an image, I'm assuming there is a cover.
2) Learn how to use a table layout. This is for knowing how to make a table of contents.
3) Learn how transition between different activities. I think the end design will have each chapter as an activity.
4) Learn how to implement hyperlinks, videos, .... in the Activity class. This is for your swf animations etc... 
5) Learn how to read from a text file. This is for actually getting the text.

Alt. 1 for Step 6
6) Learn how to embed at least part of your read text into a textview that is read only. This is for viewing the page. Then learn how to seamlessly transition between pages possibly with gestures. This for viewing all pages of the text file. 

Alt. 2 for step 6
6) Learn how to embed your text into a layout, possibly using a scrollable container to view the text.

7) Start applying styles to the text. This is to make chapters look like actual chapters like applying different highlights, fonts and colors to the text. This is for presentation.

8) Implement some way to go to any particular page number from where you are. 
9) Make a usable table of contents to go between chapters. I think maybe a drop down bar could be used at a basic level, but there are a variety of different ways to do this. 
10) Make a zoom button.

Now you would polish up your app and then publish it.

That being said, steps 1-5 are fairly straight forward. It shouldn't take longer than a few days at most. Step 6 could take a significant amount of time though. Steps 8 and 9 are also probably very simple as well, not that complicated at all. 

I honestly have no idea about how to do step 6 assign from potentially making it absorb a certain amount of lines for each viewable page unless you plan on making a layout for every single page absorbing a fixed amount of text which is impractical. That being said, you just asked for a general overview of what you would need to learn. and I think this does answer that. 
0 Sadek Hossain · March 11, 2015
Thanks,, if there would any rating for answering questions i would have given you some ratings but alas! I have only one things , that is '' Thanks'' 
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