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+1 Manuel Jaraba · March 10, 2015
In import android.util.log;

what is android? is it a plug in or something?
what is util? 
what is log?

i don't mean what is the function,, i mean what kind is it.(e.g. String is Identifier).

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0 Manuel Jaraba · March 10, 2015
sorry, i'm just new in programming,  I am confuse with API , package and plugin ...  is android.util.log  an API?
+1 Matthew Cliatt · March 10, 2015
No, the entire shabang is an API. Meaning android.EVERYTHING is an API. But also technically android.util.log is also an API. But you'll want to learn some more basics before trying to decide why something is or isn't an API.

When you say "import android.util.log"
You are telling the computer to look in the android folder, then look in the util folder, then "import" everything in the log folder. (And I'm using the term folder very loosely here)

But that basically says that when you write your code, you can reference things inside those folders. Since you imported android.util.log, you'll have the ability to use the code inside "android.util.log" to send log output.

I would suggest watching Bucky's first several beginner Java tutorials just to pick up some basics before you dive into Android. It'll be greatly beneficial in the long run.

Good luck!
0 Manuel Jaraba · March 11, 2015
wow great information :) thanks alot sir ^^
0 Developer John · March 11, 2015
Wrong, every interface is an API. Manuel Jaraba, if you're learning Java right now, I would suggest Oracle tutorials. You'll learn about interface later on in the journey, but you should start learning the more simple essentials first. 
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