0 Rushabh Wadkar · March 10, 2015

This site provides 2 sql databases.

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0 Cardinal Coog · June 2, 2015
Thanks for the reply.

I don't think it's a DNS issue because the URL resolves to IP

I do have a firewall but I've unblocked port 21 which shouldn't matter anyway.

When I ping I get request timed out. When I tracert I get 4 hops along the backbone then nothing.

Personally, I think the problem is with 000webhost until someone can prove me wrong.

Thanks again.

UPDATE: Linux console I get ftp: connect: Connection timed out.

I am piggy backing off my neighbors' connection maybe they're blocking ftp? Highly doubt it though.
0 Dave . · June 2, 2015
Well I am going to skip the last comment. LOL

The issue is you are not finding the server. Their own file manager can not find the server either.

Open a command window (terminal on linux) and ping the address of the ftp site. don't include the ftp:// or http:// because that will cause it to fail.

What is the response?

What kind of firewall if any are you running on your PC? Is there a physical firewall between you and your ISP. 

Try entering the site address in your preferred browser ftp://******.web**.net/. If you hit the site it should give you a log in window. Don't bother logging in browsers make horrible ftp clients.

To me it looks like a DNS issue or firewall blocking you. 

You may want to change your dns servers in your PC just to see if it is your ISPs DNS is screwy.

You can add googles DNS servers for a test.
0 Cardinal Coog · June 1, 2015
No one replied to me.... I'm a white dude....  Therefore, it must be discrimination!!! 

You're racist!

Did I do that right?!?!?
0 Cardinal Coog · May 31, 2015

I re-registered with 000webhost and still cannot get in with FTP or with their own file manager which uses FTP.

With WS_FTP and FileZilla FTP I get:

Finding Host ftp://******.web**.net/ ...
Address lookup of "ftp://******.web**.net/" failed.  It may be misspelled, or your computer may not be connected to the network or Internet. Also check that your DNS and local name servers are properly configured and responding.

(NOTE: I used "****"s only in this post.)

With their own file manager I get:

"Waiting for then "This page is not available "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET"

Any ideas? Anyone?
0 Cardinal Coog · May 31, 2015
I tried 000webhost about 2 weeks ago. I could never log in through FTP so I deleted my account.

If you know of a *free* server with apache2, php 5 and mysql please post or msg me.

0 J G · May 28, 2015
Can anyone tell me why we need to use server when we install the MYSQL? Why cannot I just download it on my laptop directly?
0 rommel vidal · March 15, 2015
I agree with Raahim, there are lots of commercial websites out there providing free access tho their resources such as free hosting and domain. actually some of theme provide a very good free services like high bandwidth and large storage.
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