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0 Lane Beals · June 19, 2014
After finishing Bucky's C++ tutorials (And of course, understanding everything and being able to fluently use all of the basics), where should I go to learn the "intermediate" C++?

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-1 Alexander Taylor · June 20, 2014
Get a book, I recommend C++ Primer 5th Edition.

C++ Primer is indeed a good book for C++ but it is more of a reference book than anything.

I would recommend you look at different data structures, try writing your own so that you can get a feel for different kinds of memory handling. Try creating a stack, heap, growing array, ect. Then once you have a good feel for memory handling and know how to use the commonly used data structures, try looking up different design patterns and anti patterns, then try going through your previous code, finding anti patterns and fixing them and see if you can find any design patterns that would increase your codes efficiency or even just structure it better.
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