+1 Dante Vega · March 10, 2015
Is there a section on this site that explains points? What is the purpose of them? How are they accumulated? How can I use them up? Do I get a free tutorial if a reach a certain amount of points? if there us a section for this please if you would be so kind to provide it I would appreciate it.

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+2 Dante Vega · March 10, 2015
No Dave that was worth 2 points.
+1 Dave . · March 10, 2015

Nice explanation that was worth one point,
+1 Dante Vega · March 10, 2015
One thing I did notice about this point system is that if you post something or reply to something and +1 your self you will in turen give your self a point. what is stopping people from making themselves popular?
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