Start off programming language for beginners question.

+2 dwayne lewis · March 9, 2015
This question may have been answered here already, if it has already asked sorry about that, but from anyone who is well established into programming which programming language should a beginner start off with so the other programming language can be easy for him/her.. 

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0 Altaf Husain Neva · March 9, 2015
Not a well established into programming but I can surely say that U should start with C language than C++ than Java and than everything else....
+2 Matthew Cliatt · March 9, 2015
Some languages which are considered good for beginners are Java and Python.

Many languages have the same syntax style as Java which will be good when learning new languages, although it is a little confusing at first because of the bulk of it. You will need to learn a lot to begin with to understand how everything is working together.

However with Python, you will be able to quickly pick up and understand the syntax as well as the language itself. You will have to learn the basics of programming (as with any language) but you won't have to learn anything too specific to Python to begin programming.

In conclusion, I would research Java and Python to see which appears to look "cooler" to you or which one you get a better vibe from. Java will help with learning other languages but has a higher learning curve, and Python will help get you started learning sooner, but may have some syntax that doesn't carry over to other languages.
0 Otto Von Chesterfield · July 9, 2015
I agree with Matthew! Python is a great language both for amateurs and pros, is really powerful, and easy to pick up!
0 Frederico Marques · July 15, 2015
I agree with Matthew and Altaf.
I mean, if you just want to program some stuff, Python or Java should work for you. But if you wanna be a programmer, learn the basics and then moving forward, then I suggest to follow the sequence Altaf recommended: C -> C++ -> Java (or C#) -> whatever you want.
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