I don't know what I did

+4 Dante Vega · March 9, 2015
I don't know what I did here. when I started working on the page earlier today everything was centered but now all <h1>s are offset to the boarder of the screen instead of centered why is this happening?/images/forum/upload/2015-03-09/fe1cf2f88a5643cc36af665083dd17cd.jpg

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+1 Dante Vega · March 11, 2015
OK here is what I Have so far however, in the video provided you will notice that the background element does not stay centered with the rest of the content. I am trying to fix this but I don't know how.

Here is the CSS code that I am using for the background element.

.container  {width:960px;
margin:auto auto;}

img      {width:950px;}

p      {width:1000px;

body      {background-color:#5D5D5D;
background-position:0px 88px}

h1      {color:#B9529E;}

strong      {color:yellow;}

a        {color:black;}

em          {color:yellow}

#nav      {width:1000px;}

Any Ideas on how I can fix it?
+2 Abdullah Nauman · March 10, 2015
I can help you
+2 Dante Vega · March 10, 2015
Also the reason for posting the informational page is to possably hook someone into helping me out with creating the website. I would much rather get someone to make the website for free services and to be brought in as a webmaster for maintaining the website and all the content. This is because I know if it all depends on me learning everything it will be another year and some months to get the website up and running. I don't think I can stand my current living situation that much longer. I know the possibilities of the business and I know the service that GDTutorials.net will provide are needed. If I could hire a web master and then have him/her teach me all the things I need to know to create another site just like it then that is what I have to do. I can learn while the creation is on going.
+2 Dante Vega · March 10, 2015
Well what I had displayed was just the start of what I had. What you saw is just the Logo and the information that I was trying to organize. They say that the layout of the information is the hardest to organize in the manner that you want to display it in. So I thought that I would get the hardest thing out of the way first. Now that the content is looking satifactory I can concentrate on the design protion of the informational page.
+2 Abdullah Nauman · March 10, 2015
Also, try coming up with a more original name.

If you will be focusing on computer then CompAcademymight me good.
+1 Abdullah Nauman · March 10, 2015
Dante, I think you might also want to improve your user interface. Make more captivating. Something like this: /images/forum/upload/2015-03-10/9afcbbbe8a964d729137cd21d40753bb.png
+1 Dante Vega · March 10, 2015
I figured it out. It was one of those things that happened for no apparent reason at all. I copied and pasted to original content after pasting some lorum ipsum text in it and everything lined up just like a wanted to. Any how I am getting close to finishing the information page for the business I hope to start soon. For anyone who may be interested in viewing it I will post the link when it is done. Keep in mind I am a slow learner but when I do learn something it learned for good. 

I don't care what your reasons are for checking it out when I post it. Some because you are genuinely interested, you doing it just because you have the time to waste, because you want to see how big of a joke my business idea is, as long as you check it out its all good. 
0 Abdullah Nauman · March 10, 2015
No offense, but as Raahim said. Maybe you should improve your skills before actually launching a business, with a website.
0 sohrab zia ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ · March 10, 2015
no one can explain without code. u need to put the code here so people can figure out whats wrong with it.
+1 Dante Vega · March 10, 2015

Raahim Ghauri 

Maybe depends on the length of text?!

No it wasn't that because when I pasted the original content back into the place of the Lorem Ipsum text everything was still centered. There is no way to explain it. the same content that was originally placed in the .HTML document that was having the issue was replaced after placed by lorem ipsum text and then replaced in and the problem went away. I never did anything with the tags or commands. 

Can someone explain this?

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