I don't know what I did

+4 Dante Vega · March 9, 2015
I don't know what I did here. when I started working on the page earlier today everything was centered but now all <h1>s are offset to the boarder of the screen instead of centered why is this happening?/images/forum/upload/2015-03-09/fe1cf2f88a5643cc36af665083dd17cd.jpg

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+2 Dante Vega · March 12, 2015
Are you guys not reading what I am typing. I have mentioned at least twice that (I am only working on an informational page). When did i ever say I was going to build the website on my own. I have been saying that I was going to post the informational page in hopes to get someone on board to help build the website for me.
I mean does every one just take in what ever they want and post without knowing the full story? Before anyone else comments Please be sure to read everything that has come before this so I don't have to keep repeating my self time and time again. I have more confidence in the majority of people so I know people cant be this dense without actually trying to be.
+2 Dante Vega · March 12, 2015

What do you mean double posting. There is only one time that I kinda double posted and even at that I apologized right after I realized that I did it. To mention that after the fact that I already acknowledged it means you just feel like busting my balls because you have nothing better to do with your spare time or just being an id10T!   
+2 Dante Vega · March 12, 2015
Sorry Raahim I have already closed negotiations with someone else about the creation of the site. By the way I don't think I or anyone else that has gone through the amount of negative criticism, badgering or neglect to find out the whole story before commenting on issues that have been in the process for some time before it was originally posted.  

From all of that this is my perception on you. You’re a complainer and if I went into business with you wouldn't take things too seriously, you haven't read everything before you posted your complaint which tells me that you are lazy and won't put much effort into anything you create. You badger me over things that you don't agree with and so you come off as more inexperienced and unrefined.  

I am trying to start an ethical company and people that display the traits that you have towards me thus far has shown me that you are anything but ethical. If I went into business with you even if it were just you building me a website I think I would be setting myself up for harder ache than your worth. In the long run even if I were paying you it would probably be a waste of my time and I would be more in debt than before because the website would be worth nothing.  

Now this is just a perception that I got from what you have shown me and the sad thing is its probably just the opposite but if this is how I perceive you think about how many others out there perceive you the same way. After all you did criticize me, neglect to learn the facts before replying, and badger me in a public forum. You might think about changing all of this if you hope to be taken professionally in the future. Remember this is the digital age where if someone wanted to know about you all they would have to do is type your name or display name into a search engine and read some of your inputs, posts, or comments especially prospective employers. If you come off as negative to them what do you think your chances of getting hired would be? Think about it.
+2 Dante Vega · March 12, 2015
I know the last post was kinda off subject but the section of TNB where I origanlly typed it out for wouldn't let me submit it. there are elements that relate to previouse posts here in this thread so I hope it is ok that I posted it here instead.
+2 Dante Vega · March 10, 2015
Okay that is weird I replaced all of the content with Lorum Ipsum text and everything lined up when I tried viewing it in the browser. I am using Google Chrome Browser to view the previews. it doesn't make any sense If I didn't change any of the tags why would it show up different when I replace the content with Lorum Ipsum?
+2 Abdullah Nauman · March 10, 2015
Also, try coming up with a more original name.

If you will be focusing on computer then CompAcademymight me good.
+2 Dante Vega · March 10, 2015
Well what I had displayed was just the start of what I had. What you saw is just the Logo and the information that I was trying to organize. They say that the layout of the information is the hardest to organize in the manner that you want to display it in. So I thought that I would get the hardest thing out of the way first. Now that the content is looking satifactory I can concentrate on the design protion of the informational page.
+2 Dante Vega · March 10, 2015
Also the reason for posting the informational page is to possably hook someone into helping me out with creating the website. I would much rather get someone to make the website for free services and to be brought in as a webmaster for maintaining the website and all the content. This is because I know if it all depends on me learning everything it will be another year and some months to get the website up and running. I don't think I can stand my current living situation that much longer. I know the possibilities of the business and I know the service that GDTutorials.net will provide are needed. If I could hire a web master and then have him/her teach me all the things I need to know to create another site just like it then that is what I have to do. I can learn while the creation is on going.
+2 Abdullah Nauman · March 10, 2015
I can help you
+2 Dante Vega · March 11, 2015
So I figured that one out on my own and now I just have one more minor problem before I put the links in the spaces provided on the navigation bar and launching this page for informational uses. here's what I have so far.

I am guessing this is a small problem but i am not sure of how complex it is because of my inexperience with the two languages I am learning right now as you can blatantly see. The problem is with the GDTutorials.net header you see how it is not centered? here is what I have so far in CSS,

img      {width:950px;

p      {width:1000px;

.container {width:1200px;
  margin:30px auto;
  background-position:0px 153px;

h1      {color:#B9529E;

body      {background-color:#5D5D5D;}

strong      {color:yellow;}

a        {color:black;

em          {color:yellow}

#nav      {width:1000px;

Anyone have any Ideas? 

Thank you in presently and in advanced for helping me out on this little project. 

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