Your mission:
You are to create a class registration system. You will be creating the administration screen for this system.
1. When the program starts all classes that are currently available for students to take will be listed. This listing will include:
CRN#, Dept, Class#, Course Name, Campus, Room, Days, Time, Instructor
123456 CIST 1001 Computer Concepts Marietta F1150 TR 1:00pm Staff
Your program should use the form_load event to read this information from a text file. Your text file should be tab or comma deliminated.This code will first load the information into an array before display. This is needed for changes requested by the user if they click a button (see below). Suggestion: Place the code to read and display the information in a function/method. Call the method in the form_load event procedure. You will need the ability to redisplay this info in other parts of  the program.
2. Below the display of the courses will be four buttons:
Add, Delete, Change, Close
3. Add - The add button will allow the user to append a class to the end of the list. The code actually only adds to the end of the array. However, the code would also recall the method used in #1 to redisplay the list of classes with the class added. This code does not update the file, only the array.
4. Delete - The delete button will allow the user to delete a class from the list. The code will remove the class from the array.
Suggestion: To remove an item you will need to search for it in the array (array searches are shown in chapter 7). Then you will need to shift the remaining items up one level in the array: This code will not update the file.
such as myArray[i-1] = myArray;
(Yours will actually be two dimensions)
Also make sure to reset your variable which indicates the last item in the array to be one less.
5; Change - Change will allow the user to change an item in the array. The procedure to do this is similar to the delete code. The code will need to do a search of the array to find the course to change. Once the course if found (remember it might not be found), the code will display textboxes for the user to change the info (You can choose to have the textboxes available before the search). The code will then replace the information in the array with the new info: This code will not update the file.
6. Close - The close button will first save the array to the text file (there are examples in the textbook). You can override the file because all the updated information should be in your array. Then it will close the application.