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+2 Dante Vega · March 8, 2015
OK I have been wondering about this for a while now but I have been putting it aside for a while because I didn't have a need to bring it up in any other forums.

If you watch the following video you will notice that when Bucky types or rather copy and pastes text to the point of the boarder of his Wordpad++ window it naturally moves down to the next line.

When I type a long paragraph it will go on in the same life for eternity if the paragraph is long enough. How do I get my Notepad++ window to act the same way as Bucky's does in the provided video?

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+1 Samuel Oloruntoba · March 8, 2015
1. Select “View” from menu bar.
2. From the dropdown menu that appears click on “Word wrap” option.
3. The same procedure is used to swap between Word wrap On & Off.
+1 Dante Vega · March 8, 2015
Thank you so much for the speedy reply.
0 Samuel Oloruntoba · March 8, 2015
glad i could help
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