Searching partner for developing android application

+4 Aybars Arslan · March 8, 2015
I am try to developing an android application thats so  i am searching some developer for join the project and developing together. :)

it will be totally open source project. 

if you want to learn more text me, i will explain everything.

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0 Aybars Arslan · March 8, 2015
I dont know the real rules how to develop open source just i want to develop something with some friends and i write here, i am also newbie i dont have  experience about developing and compuer science. i didnt know what should i wrote or not.
+1 Zain Ul Haq · March 8, 2015
i am in.
0 Aybars Arslan · March 8, 2015
@raahim i am thikning just just try to develop ann app dont you understand me body. if you dont interest go away ok.

i will try with who wants to join.
0 Roman Smirnov · March 8, 2015
Just edit the OP with the details of the app you want to develop....
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