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+1 Domagoj Smolcic · March 7, 2015
Okay, I started following this course about platform 2d game development with Construct 2. I found some platformer tileset on internet and downloaded it. When I add it in Construct 2, I am asked for Number of horizontal and vertical cells, that is under Sprite Layout, I never found on any of websites where I downloaded my tileset, what number should I put, can someone help me?

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0 sandeep s sr · March 17, 2015
i am also facing the Same problem..Please Help!!!
0 Linux Forever · December 15, 2015
I'm not sure about this because I just started learning but i think that you should look for a tile set (or tile map I don't know which to call it)with grid lines like this one:


I got the image from here:

credits for making it goes to BMatSantos from the SmbX forums

but anyways by counting the blocks using the lines the image is 38 blocks vertical and 75 blocks horizontal.I hope that helped.
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